Studio Rental

We welcome artists interested in exploring Encaustic and Pigment Stick techniques to consider renting space in the R&F workshop room. Our workspace is equipped with exceptional ventilation, our two full paint lines, raw materials and essential encaustic equipment.

Prior to using the studio we require that you have completed one Mini Encaustic workshop or the Saturday Lab, either will include an orientation to the studio and health and safety information. Please be aware if you are renting the space for use of encaustic you should have prior experience and be comfortable using the equipment. If you have no prior experience and are unable to attend a mini workshop private instruction or technical assistance is available for an hourly rate and must be arranged ahead of time, please see our section on Private Instruction for more information.


Half day: $60 (4 hours)

Full day: $105 (7 hours) 

Four or more consecutive days: $85 per day. Following participation in a workshop: $85 for an additional work day. 

Rental times are scheduled for between 9:30 am- 4:30 pm Monday- Friday; 10:30-4:30 Saturdays. To reserve a space call us at 1-800-206-8088 Monday-Friday 9-5; Saturday 10-5.


Who do I talk to about rental?

If you have any further questions about our classes or program please feel free to contact Sean Noonan, Education Coordinator, at 1-800-206-8088 or via email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop room rental includes:  Use of 1 workstation; tools; raw materials; and paint

Additional materials available for purchase: Paper, panels, canvas

Material use:

Use of the workshop room, equipment and materials is intended for the purpose of promoting experimentation and exploration of R&F Encaustic and Pigment Sticks. With the use of paint and medium, we request that you be mindful of the amount of material that you are using.

-For large-scale works that require greater amounts of paint (more than 104ml encaustic cake or one 38ml pigment stick), it is necessary to make arrangements through the store to purchase additional materials.

-If your work requires more medium than what has been provided in the vats it will also require the purchase of additional material. 


We ask that renters be aware of the following:

 1. Use of the workshop room is not exclusive, please try to occupy just one workstation and be prepared to share the medium vats. 

 2. Be aware and careful of the heated elements around you:

    •  Heated coil burner, the palette, the hot wax, heat gun and any other fusing tools. 
    •  Always turn heat gun or torch off before you put it down.  
    •  Keep paper, paper towels, rags, newspaper, or other flammable items at a safe distance from the heated palette.  


3. Pigment Stick or linseed oil covered rags are to be placed in the metal fireproof containers located throughout the room.

4. You are responsible for cleanup in your work area; this includes:

    • Emptying cups of leftover paint and returning them to storage. 
    • The palette should be cleaned until there is no color residue remaining.  
    • Paper at the workstation should be replaced. 
    • All paints should be returned to the proper location in their display cases. 
    • All stations should be reset to how they were found, with clean medium and soy wax, thermometer and heat gun.