Encaustic Tools

R&F Heated Palettes

A heated palette is an essential tool to the encaustic artist. It provides a surface to heat and mix encaustic paint and medium on. R&F’s palettes are designed specifically with the encaustic painter in mind and feature an anodized aluminum surface, which prevents reactivity that could discolor pigments. The versatile aluminum surface also makes it easy to see paint colors. Artists have the option of using palette cups or mixing their colors directly on the surface.

R&F Palette Cups

Palette Cups can be used to melt large amounts of paint at one time. They are excellent for keeping colors pure, or for saving mixes. Our palette cups are made of a heavy aluminum and steel alloy. Large Rectangular cups can hold one 104 ml cake and is offered in a handy 3-pack.

Palette Thermometer

This is an essential component of painting safely with encaustics. Perfect for reading the temperature of your encaustic palette or other heated surfaces. The surface thermometer has a temperature range of 50°-600° F.

R&F Heated Tools

The R&F heated handle, temperature regulator and screw-on tips allow the artist to fuse and manipulate the encaustic surface with ease.

R&F Cold Flexible Tools

R&F’s Encaustic tools help the professional artist finesse the surface of their encaustic paintings with control and precision like never before. Designed after the tools that the first practitioners of encaustic used in ancient times, they can be used with or without heat to create a more refined surface. These tools are made of high carbon steel and are expertly finished.