Advanced Encaustic: Large Format

Class Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

This 3 day advanced workshop will take experienced students to the next level by challenging you to reach new dimensions with your work, quite literally. The emphasis in this class is to address the technical challenges that come hand in hand with working in large scale with encaustic painting. Lisa will share with students her experience with preparing a large panel and creating a composition with balance and continuity. Students will be asked to bring two to three panels any size up to 30"x 30" with at least a 1.5" deep cradle, Encausticbord or birch wood panels are preferred. Hands on exercises will help students understand how to layer for optimal color saturation and luminosity. She emphasizes the importance of compositional elements such as point, line, weight, and space. You are encouraged to identify personal symbols and markings to develop into a deeper visual dialogue. Throughout the class, Lisa demonstrates surface manipulation using torch fusing and scraping to achieve a smooth shiny finish. Encaustic equipment, history, and safety will be reviewed. Click the title above to read more.

In addition to demonstrations and work time, there will be slide presentations that look at artistic influences and inspirational directions relevant to individual participants in the class. Lisa fosters collective growth and dialogue in her workshops making this a perfect setting for students looking for engaged feedback and problem-solving.

Techniques Covered:

  • Creating a smooth shiny surface.
  • How colors influence each other.
  • Mark making with Pigment Sticks, Pan Pastels, and Woody Pencils.
  • Preparing large panels.
  • Working large scale.
  • Torch fusing.

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Instructor: Lisa Pressman
Price: $550.00