The Graphic Image: Transfer, Collage, and Stencil

Beginner - Novice

This class focuses on a trio of techniques ideal for artist interested in using graphic elements, original drawings, and mixed media with encaustic. Instructor Kelly McGrath begins by demonstrating how to create transfers onto the encaustic surface. The transfers are a simple way to retain a crisp graphic appearance. Students work with found imagery and original drawings. Additional transfer methods use R&F Pigment Sticks, pastel, and graphite. Next we expand on collage. Students become familiar with appropriate paper types for working with encaustic and collage, and how to use collage as an alternative process to transfers. Last we look at the possibilities stenciling can offer to line control and developing clear edges. We review the best stencil materials to use when working with wax, in addition to creating original stencils. Ample work time will accompany demonstrations. Contemporary uses of the above methods are covered. Click on the title above for more information.

Techniques covered.

  • Image Transfer
  • Collage
  • Inlaid line
  • Stencil
  • Working in layers
  • Oil Glazing
  • Surface preparation with medium and gesso

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Instructor: Kelly McGrath
Price: $325.00