Understanding Monotypes

Class Level: Beginner - Novice

A monotype is a single print taken from a unique image or mark created on a plate using a fluid or gelled material. The result is an image that drifts in the territory between printmaking and painting. In this one day workshop students have the opportunity to explore this inviting and flexible process with our full encaustic & R&F Pigment Stick lines.

Using our Pigment Sticks to paint, draw, or mark-make on a Plexiglass plate, images transfer with ease onto paper. The pigment stick consistency is firm enough to allow even application with a brayer, yet still soft enough so prints can be taken with minimal pressure, eliminating the need to use a press. Encaustic paint will be a second option for printing material. Students will learn how to control the temperature of the heated palette to create clear and highly saturated imagery. Students will have the opportunity to print on a hot box for large scale prints. 

This class covers monotype-printing basics including image and mark making methods on the plate surface, recommended tools, and printing without a press. We will discuss surface preparation, because pigment sticks are an oil based paint, it is necessary to prep your paper for longevity. The class approach allows for a balance of control and spontaneity with immediate results, making it possible to create a number of prints in a short amount of time.

Techniques covered:

  • Printing from a plate
  • Inking with a brayer
  • Printing with a barren 
  • Printing from a heated palette
  • Cleaning plates and brayers
  • Registration for layered printing
  • Creating imagery using additive and reductive methods

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Instructor: Kelly McGrath
Price: $150.00