Soft Books: Sewn Encaustic Monotypes on Encaustiflex

Class Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Utilizing a variety of techniques, including transfers and paper lithography, artists will create a collection of monotypes using absorbent papers, fabrics and Encaustiflex, a paper-like fabric, to create books. Scale, shape, narrative and a variety of construction methods are all considered in this unique approach to book creation. The books can be a literal narrative or abstract collection of sequential images. Narratives may be handwritten or stamped. 

Sewing machines, hand sewing materials, and perforation tools will be available. No prior knowledge of machine sewing is necessary. Click on the title above to read more.

Techniques covered:

  • Machine and hand sewing of soft books
  • Composition and construction of soft books
  • Encaustic Monotype
  • Paper Lithography
  • Exploring and layering surface textures

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Instructor: Leslie Giuliani
Price: $550.00