Mixed Media Encaustic: Texture & Layers

Class Level: Novice

A lush, textured surface adds complexity, substance and reference to time. Because of the inherent properties of wax, the textural and layering possibilities of encaustic far surpass that of any other painting medium. This workshop explores the myriad methods in which to create, add, embed and manipulate surface texture as well as more experimental and lesser known methods. Methods and materials covered in this workshop include the use of Tyvek and polyester, parchment paper decals for creating textured pattern, plaster and paper clay. Also covered is the use of transparent papers such as trace and Duralar paired with paint, water based crayons and pencils and the safe incorporation of these materials into an encaustic painting. A slide discussion regarding the conceptual use of layers in contemporary art is offered as well as an individual consultation for each student with the instructor. This class is ideal for the novice student, looking to expand their foundation.

 The following specific techniques will be presented in this workshop:

  • Melting Tyvek & Polyester: creating texture/custom surfaces/custom collage
  • Encaustic color mixing & application: transparency vs opacity, creating a textured application vs. a smooth application, different brushes and their effects, use of white
  • Fusing: use of irons, heat guns, Iwatani torch
  • Parchment Paper Decals: Instructor's invented method, creating patterned texture
  • Plaster: Building up a structure for texture
  • Paper clay: incising into a surface, creating a textured substrate to paint on
  • Transparent Papers: painting on with gouache and water based crayon, embedding in wax

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Instructor: Lorraine Glessner
Price: $600.00