Layering Photo Based Imagery with Encaustic Paint & Pigment Sticks

Class Level: Intermediate 

This workshop will focus on combining photography with R&F Encaustic Paints and Pigment Sticks. Students will learn the transformative process of layering printed imagery on translucent papers and wooden supports, using wax and oil paint. Digital prints are prepared by the instructor using a large format printer, thus prerequisite image files are required from students. Techniques will include direct manipulation of the large scale printed photographs by re-assembling, breaking down, distorting, and layering images, working toward a gradual buildup of information. Students are encouraged to bring and include collage materials such as; additional photographs, newspaper, maps, magazine pages, leaves, fabric, stained or printed paper, powdered graphite, etc. Wayne guides students as they experiment with his exciting mixed media approach to using encaustic with photograph. This class is best suited for students with intermediate experience with encaustic.


Techniques Covered

  • Layering printed imagery with encaustic, using heat gun, using tacking iron.
  • Basic manipulation of encaustic paint & pigment sticks.
  • Exploring surface textures with the paint. 
  • Mixed-media collage with encaustic.
  • Scraping, pouring, scribing into wax.
  • Incorporating Pigment Sticks with encaustic.
  • Adhesive qualities of encaustic.


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Instructor: Wayne Montecalvo
Price: $500.00