Oil and Wax: Pigment Stick Fundamentals

Class Levels: Beginner--Intermediate

This workshop focuses on painting and mixed media techniques for R&F Pigment Sticks. Our sticks offer artists a direct painting media that has a gradual drying time, allowing for corrections, changes, and additions to pieces in progress. Students will learn about the qualities of Pigment Sticks that separate them from other oil media and a variety of studio processes that they can be applied to. Basic topics include studio safety, how to get started, proper grounds, mark making and blending. We will also introduce mixed media approaches such as working over nontraditional surfaces, monotype and using oil and wax in combination. Working with a wax ground provides a luminous surface for glazing, transfers and inlaid line work. Pigment Sticks are a unique painting material that can be translated onto a variety of surfaces and expand your drawing, printing and painting practices. Click the title above for more information.


Topics Covered:

  • Properties of Pigment Sticks
  • Drying times
  • Different opacities
  • Painting
  • Blending and using blending medium
  • Brushes and tools 
  • Mark making, line making including use of other materials
  • Oil and Wax
  • Inlaid line
  • Glazing
  • Monotype 

This is a great class to take if you are preparing to take Exploring Visual Language with Lisa Pressman. 

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