Color Mechanics- Hue and Opacity

Class Level: Appropriate for all experience levels. This class is part of a series, participants are not required to take all classes in the series. 

The Color Mechanics series of workshops looks at fundamental concepts of color theory and gradually builds to a greater understanding of color complexity. Lectures and exercises in this workshop will lay out the many different aspects of color relationships that affect mixing, harmony, and composition. We take a unique approach to color theory, using a palette selected from the R&F Pigment Stick line. Working with actual colors and paint mediums that you have available in your studio give you knowledge that translates seamlessly into your painting practice. All skill levels are welcome, you don't need any background in painting, all we require is a serious interest in how color works.

Week 1: Hue and Opacity- In this class we will explain the fundamental attributes that define colors: Hue/Temperature/Saturation/Value. Richard will then introduce a key concept to the way we talk about color which is opacity. This in depth study of how opacity/ translucency effects color interactions will have a profound impact on the way you identify and use color. 

Sign up for all four classes for $160 (please call our office to sign up with this special price).

Session 1

Week 1 (2/25)- Hue and Opacity  ; Week 2 (3/18) - Saturation and Value ; Week 3 (4/22)- Temperature and Texture; Week 4 (5/20)- Medium and Light

Session 2

Week 1 (8/26)- Hue and Opacity; Week 2 (9/9)- Saturation and Value; Week 3 (10/14)- Temperature and Texture; Week 4 (11/11)- Medium and Light

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