1 Day Collagraph in Glendale, CA

Class Level: Novice- Intermediate

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In this exciting mixed media class we will be combining traditional techniques and approaches in encaustic paint with the explorative, experimental process of collagraph printmaking. The traditional approach in collagraph is constructing a plate to be inked and printed using a variety of textured materials and sometimes objects to create unique patterns and surfaces. For the purpose of this class we will be using encaustic wax as our main substrate to compose our plates which can utilize a variety of applications such as inlaid line, accretion, embedded objects, etc. A flat even wax surface can also be used successfully with drypoint techniques for students who are interested in using controlled mark making methods. Students will have the option to make their plates on reusable surfaces such as plastic, acrylic or metal or they can be made directly on an absorbent panel such as wood or encausticbord surface, use of a panel then presents the option of keeping the plate itself as another finished piece. We will be primarily printing with the use of pigment sticks as an alternative to printmaking inks, which will dramatically expand the color options for printing. 

 Techniques presented in this class:

  • Review of encaustic methods and safety
  • Fusing
  • Brushing
  • Accretion/ texture building
  • Incised lines
  • Stenciling
  • Introduction to the printmaking studio
  • Use of a press for low pressure printing
  • Preparing paper for printing
  • Use of pigment sticks


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