Screenprinting onto Encaustic

Class Level: Novice- Intermediate

To participate in this class you must register before September 19th.

R&F will host artist Jeff Hirst for Screenprinting onto Encaustic. In this class we explore a process whereby images are screen printed underneath and on top of a wax based surface producing images that have the luminosity of encaustic paintings while maintaining the graphic nature of a silkscreened image. A simplified approach towards screenprinting makes this process easy to grasp and unites graphic print elements with painting surfaces and motifs. The class will focus on creating images that incorporate multiple printing passes from both fixed screen printing stations to free form printing approaches. The class is designed for students who have encaustic experience and no screenprinting experience is necessary. 

Please note there is a $35 material fee per student.


The workshop will introduce and explore various approaches to combining screen printing and encaustic, utilizing line and halftone photo-based imagery. The technical information will be presented through a hands-on approach with emphasis on achieving each individual artist’s aesthetic goals. All equipment will be provided for each student to work at a fixed screen printing station. We will also be providing additional materials that accompany specific exercises that Jeff will present. Click the title above to read more. 

Techniques presented in this class; note all printing will be done from the fixed printing stations (1 per participant): 

  • Printing below the wax surface.  
  • Working on both cradled and uncradled panels.
  • Using R & F gesso and tinted R & F gesso.
  • Achieving a smooth encaustic surface for screenprinting purposes.
  • Printing R & F gesso on top of the wax surface.
  • Printing R & F pigment sticks and blending stick onto the encaustic surface.
  • Printing with both gesso and pigment sticks onto the encaustic surface using the freehand approach onto cradled panels.


As with all R&F workshops we will be providing all Encaustic and Pigment Stick Paints, raw materials and studio equipment, as described in our FAQ's; participants will be required to provide their own substrates.




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