Conversations on Color

Class Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

Join Lisa Pressman and Richard Frumess for an exploration into color. This class strikes a balance between history and science with constructive hands on applications to enhance your artistic practice. Participants will learn how to understand colors by their hue, chroma, and value. Gain unique insights into the history of color and the factors that differentiate characteristics like opaque, translucent, transitional and so on. Lisa guides the class in hands-on exercises that will integrate painting fundamentals to refresh your understanding of how color effects balance, contrast, movement, pattern, unity/variety and composition. Students will create several paintings in a series building on the topics presented. You will return to the studio with a renewed understanding of color and how it informs and influences your painting. This class is perfect for artists that are familiar with Pigment Sticks and basic oil painting and would like an opportunity to refine their understanding of color mechanics and compositional rules. Click the title above to read more.


Exercises are grounded in abstraction, attention is paid to the use of personal symbols and markings that could interface with any imagery. An intuitive painting method is encouraged and participants will return to their studios with refreshed confidence, new ideas, and a variety of new expressive tools. 

Ideas presented in this class include:

  • The five components of color: Hue, Chroma, Value, Temperature, and Opacity. 
  • Health and safety.
  • Layering.
  • Using cold wax.
  • Building a surface.
  • Compositional elements.
  • Mark making.
  • Combining with oil paint with Pigment Stick and cold wax.

Participants focus will be on personal presence, art fundamentals and working in a series. A comprehensive selection of paint and materials will be provided, though students will be required to bring a selection of working surfaces, papers, and various incidental studio tools.


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Instructor: Lisa Pressman + Richard Frumess
Price: $550.00