Comprehensive Encaustic - 3 Day - Glendale, CA

Class Levels: Beginner-Intermediate.

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This three-day class in Glendale, CA will introduce ways to use encaustic and R&F Pigment Sticks, and how they are adaptable to other media. Explore artistic processes such as collage, printmaking, and image transfer. Instructor Caryl St. Ama guides creative development in mark making and mixed media work as you become more comfortable with brushwork, fusing, layering, glazing, and transfer techniques.

Caryl fosters an atmosphere of open dialogue with an emphasis on your growth in her workshops, making this a perfect setting for problem-solving and engaged feedback about personal interests and endeavors. Artists working in any painting or print discipline will find this workshop to be an exciting opportunity to enhance their visual vocabulary with both oil and wax. 

You will explore Encaustic and Pigment Sticks as rich painting mediums, as well as a component of mixed media works. Demonstrations alternate with hands-on painting time. 

Techniques Covered:

  • Health and safety, including ventilation
  • Historical context of materials
  • Grounds and foundations
  • Ideal working surfaces
  • Beginning with encaustic medium
  • Layering with Opaque and translucent colors
  • Mixed media and collage
  • Image transfer
  • Printmaking applications
  • Pigment Stick Glazing
  • Combining wax and oil
  • Textured and smooth surfaces
  • and more.....





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Instructor: Caryl St Ama
Price: $525.00