Comprehensive Encaustic - 4 Day - La Grange Art League

Class Levels: Beginner-Intermediate.

At the LaGrange Art League, in the suburbs of Chicago, Sarah Rehmer will guide students through an introduction to working with R&F Encaustic. Our 4 Day Comprehensive workshop provides students an immersive experience with a solid base in techniques and best practices for using wax. Throughout the 4 days, Sarah encourages your creative development in painting, layering, mark making and mixed media work. Following a historic overview of encaustic, students are introduced to current approaches to studio setup, tools and health and safety. With a strong emphasis on approaching wax as a painting media, students become familiar and comfortable with brushwork, fusing, and layering. This class examines specific characteristics that make wax a unique material to work with including opacity, temperature, adhesion, and texture. Encaustic is adaptable to other media and artistic process, additional techniques we explore include collage, printmaking, image transfer, and combining oil and wax. After each demonstration participants have time to work for hands on with the wax and explore each technique at your own pace following an individual direction. There will be ample opportunities to ask the instructor questions on additional topics of interest. Artists working in any print or painting media will find this workshop an exciting opportunity to grow their visual vocabulary with wax. Click the title above to read more.


You will explore Encaustic as a rich painting medium as well as a component of mixed media works. Demonstrations alternate with hands-on painting time. 

Techniques Covered:

  • Health and safety, including ventilation
  • Historical context and what is encaustic paint
  • Grounds and foundations
  • Ideal working surfaces
  • Beginning with encaustic medium
  • Layering with Opaque and translucent colors
  • Mixed media and collage
  • Image transfer
  • Printmaking applications
  • Glazing
  • Wax and oil
  • Textured and smooth surfaces
  • and more.....



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Instructor: Sarah Rehmer
Price: $525.00