Comprehensive Encaustic - 4 Day - Peninsula School of Art

This workshop is administered by Peninsula School of Art. To register please call at 920-868-3455, or click here to be directed to the online registration page.

For those who cannot attend workshops in our Kingston facility, R&F is happy to bring their superlative workshops to a studio near you. R&F Handmade Paints, in collaboration with the Peninsula School of Art, presents a four-day, hands-on comprehensive encaustic workshop, designed to educate participants in basic encaustic methods and to establish best practices. Artists from a variety of backgrounds find this workshop an exciting opportunity to expand their visual vocabulary using wax. Students are encouraged to bring an open mind and a willingness to experiment with a new material. We will explore encaustic as a pure painting medium as well as a component or enhancement of mixed media works. We encourage a high-energy and diverse class environment to fully explore the range of techniques covered. The mix of artistic backgrounds on the part of participants contribute to the learning experience and discovery of new applications. Regularly scheduled demonstrations are alternated with time for hands-on-experience. For more information click the link above.

Sarah will begin by presenting the foundations of encaustic within a historical context. She will address appropriate grounds and supports to work on, basic painting technique, tools and tips for fusing, and health and safety. The class will alternate between demonstrations and individual work time. Students will quickly progress into advanced techniques such as creating transparent layered glazes, making clean inlaid lines by scribing and scraping, using accretion methods to build texture, incorporating found material for assemblage, and combining oil with encaustic. Sarah will also present methods for using encaustic with paper including: collage, monotype, image transfer, and dipping. 


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