Advanced Teaching Encaustic

Advanced Teaching Encaustic

Class Level: Advanced.

The goal of this workshop is to help participants design a workshop format unique to you. Our primary focus is providing a technical foundation following the format of our comprehensive class as a basis for developing your unique teaching interests. We will review all fundamental techniques and introduce a variety of additional options in layered imagery, mark making and mixed media. There will be an emphasis on clear explanations of the properties of wax paint such as opacity, building layers and the relationship of wax and oil. A further focus will be on you as an instructor and developing achievable goals and insights toward your professional development. The hands on approach to this class will balance the day with lectures and work time. Your studio time focuses on creating project templates and sample panels as a record of your experiences, and to share with your future students as visual aids. Click the title above to read more.

An invaluable feature of this class is access to the network of fellow instructors and resources that R&F offers as support. R&F has been the leading facilitator of Encaustic workshops for over 20 years, let us share that knowledge with you.


  • Kelly McGrath will lead the group in demonstrations of fundamental techniques, while highlighting information you will find useful to share with your students. We will be providing technical packets that you will use during class to follow along, then as a planning tool for conducting your own classes.
  • Richard Frumess the founder of R&F will share his knowledge in materials and color that we think is incredibly helpful in learning to talk about Encaustic and generally how color works. As a paint maker and materials aficionado Richard has developed and refined color since 1988.





Each participant will make two presentations in front of the group in the following formats:

  • Introductory talk:
    • Think of this as an introductory talk that you would give to a group of artists that are taking a workshop with you. Show us your best work and give us a sense of yourself as an artist. You should be prepared to give this presentation on the first day of class, and be open to getting lots of feedback - this is part of the workshop.
  • Final presentation: 
    • This project will be our wrap up for the week. You will have the option of testing a demonstration idea in front of the group or you can make a presentation of ideas you have developed throughout the week for feedback. You are encouraged to begin envisioning what you would like to present at the beginning of class, then we will finalize that Thursday what you would like to focus on and what materials we will need to have available. 
  • Demo Panels
    • Each day we will be presenting a different set of demonstrations to highlight fundamental approaches and helpful ideas for working with encaustic. The 11"x14"x1/4" encausticbord panels that are included on your materials list are going to be your visual record of these demonstrations. We encourage you to treat these as teaching tools for simple and clear examples of the processes we share with you, which you can then share with your students. Work time will be provided following demonstrations to develop your panels.  



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Instructor: Kelly McGrath
Price: $720.00