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R&F Announces 2013 Visiting Artists

October 22, 2012 - Written by  Laura Moriarty

Introduced in 2009, our Visiting Artist Series has become one of our favorite programs here at R&F - and judging by the full rosters we see for these workshops, they’re pretty popular with artists too. We invite some of the most exciting artists working with encaustic to come to R&F and present a workshop and have an exhibition. Since many of these artists do not teach regularly, this gives students a rare opportunity to learn new techniques,  stretch their practice and see what makes other artists tick. Mark your calendars and start dreaming about which of our Visiting Artists you will want to study with in 2013!

Once registration officially opens, tuition will be $550, but from now until Thanksgiving we are offering a pre-registration special price of $500. To take advantage of this offer, just contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call (845) 331-3112, and indicate which class you are interested in. A $100 deposit is required to hold your place.



May 22-24, 2013


Russell Thurston | Fiesta | 2012

An intermediate workshop focusing on content as well as advanced techniques in encaustic painting.

The inspirational power of nature and the place of man in nature are among the richest themes in art. In this workshop, we’ll explore those topics in broad terms, discussing how nature embodies both randomness and order, just as encaustic painting does; how a single line or brushstroke or image can be repeated over and over, gaining cumulative force; and whether we can really paint nature anymore without man in it. Have we as humans left an indelible mark on nature?


July 31 - August 2, 2013

wright_the-truth-comes-out Gregory Wright | The Truth Comes Out | 2012

This workshop will focus on special effects that use encaustic and mixed media to create surface patterning and visual depth. The class is designed for artists who want create beautiful surfaces with patterning, subtle nuances of color, and spidery lacey effects using mixed media techniques. Students will learn to work with powdered, metallic and dispersion pigments mixed with various solvents, including water, alcohol and shellac, to explore the different effects each can create. Safe and responsible practices for working with pigments and solvents will be taught and emphasized. We will also work with pigment sticks to enhance the techniques and create more depth. The torch will be used not only as a fusing method, but an actual design tool that moves and shapes the encaustic while setting off actions and reactions in fluid motion. Demonstration and experimentation of techniques will be followed by independent work time, where participants can practice these applications on a fine art piece. Emphasis will be placed on incorporating these techniques into each student’s personal painting style and narrative, along with learning proper sequence of application to achieve maximum results. This workshop is technique based, but will include critical analysis of work through private consultation and group discussion.

HOWARD HERSH | Following the Thread: Our Road to Discovery

October 2-4, 2013

accretion-6sm Howard Hersh | Accretion 6 | 2012

The aim of this three day workshop will be more of mentoring rather than teaching. This is a rare opportunity to work with visiting artist, Howard Hersh, whose career spans nearly thirty years, and who has worked in encaustic for most of those years. Howard’s mindful approach to his own work is well known and respected, and he brings a wealth of experience and stories to share with participants. Through group discussions and one-on-one consultations, Howard will help artists use a serial format to develop what is already inside them. Artists will be encouraged to independently pursue either current work-in-progress or new projects, while being exposed to new ideas and new ways of working, asking themselves what makes a painting successful. The goal of the workshop will be to embrace your own personal vision while getting more comfortable with change.

LISA KAIROS | Floating Narratives

December 4-6, 2013

Lisa Kairos | Drift Pollination | 2012

Students will learn how to incorporate transparent layers, precision techniques, and decentralized composition into their painting practice.  Explore how transparent layers diffuse light within the painting, softening colors and imagery to create a dreamy, floating quality.  Beginning with an exploration of the visual properties of clear wax medium, we will focus on how to control clarity, depth and value. Demonstrations will include precision techniques such as intarsia, buffering, cut paper, working with templates and stencils, graphite transfers and mark-making.  We will discuss color, the power of repetition, and surface techniques such as piercing, the use of reflective materials, incorporating texture and creating glass-like smoothness. Lisa will work with artists to help them fine-tune their ideas and develop their own series of floating narrative paintings.